Posted in September 2017


It is this time of night, when the house is quiet, and I’m not quite tired enough to fall asleep, but don’t have enough energy to find something to do, that the missing sneaks in, even if I don’t want it to.   It is the time of night when my brain can’t keep up, … Continue reading

What Are You Doing?

DISCLAIMER: Read the “About” page, and understand why this blog is called uglyreal. A whole lot of you aren’t gonna like this. And I understand that. I don’t like it either. And yet, it is uglyreal. It just is. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ So, Daddy, here we are again. Daddy + Football = Sad I wonder if there … Continue reading


Do y’all know how badly I want to be “normal” again? If I had a genie in a bottle, if I believed in Santa Clause, if I wished on stars….my wish would be to be normal again. I would wish on that star, and my wish would be when I pulled up to a house … Continue reading