I brought Leelee Stacey outside a bit ago to shoot some fireworks. As soon as the first one went up, she said, “I have to go get Mac!” And she ran inside to get one of the people she treasures most in this world so that he could see them, too.   She loved what … Continue reading


  I will not watch because I just can’t bear it, but in honor of Leelee losing her first tooth, I couldn’t help but post the video of my Daddy helping Mac pull his first tooth via Nerf Gun. Hoping it makes some of you smile. I wish I could join you. Those baby teeth … Continue reading

So, here’s the Ugly Real. I didn’t want to do this. I wondered if I should post it. I didn’t know–I don’t know–how I feel about any of it. But this is the real: we do things for our children that we never thought we could do. We do things for our children that we … Continue reading

Glimmers of Hope

This is one of those posts that I started and never finished. I am publishing today because I finally nailed down Mac and Leelee so that they can tell their stories. As always, it is better in their own words, so I’m going to leave it at that. ************************************************************************************ Leelee had a meltdown about Daddy. … Continue reading

Crisis of Faith

I wrote this on Facebook on June 1, 2016. I’ve been thinking a lot about faith lately. There are 2 “stories” out there that have made me really question: How strong IS my faith? One came from something that was in the news 10 years ago this April. You may or may not remember, but … Continue reading



Per our calendar, our year ended 10 days ago. Per our calendar, we begin a new year. We get a brand new start. My mama moved her office last week, and she gets a new start. That is a good thing. She deserves one.   It used to be my parents’ office. I can’t really … Continue reading

Better Things

In the car tonight, taking Mac Stacey to basketball practice, out of the blue, he said, “Mama, do you ever think that things would just be better if Charles was here? Like, when last night you got upset with me and took my phone…times like that…do you ever wish you could just talk to him … Continue reading

One More Day

One More Day

I used to throw this kind of stuff up on Facebook…the little moments that I wanted to record, but now, they just seem too sad for Facebook, so I don’t want them there. It was a night at our house. Just a crappy night. Mac was in a tizzy. Several things set him off, and … Continue reading


So, I’ve posted a lot of funny stuff on Facebook lately. That’s my medium for recording the everyday, the mundane that isn’t mundane at all to this mama. My family has had a lot of happy moments lately. I don’t have words for how thankful I am for those genuinely happy moments. But I’m just … Continue reading


So, there is a new show that is coming out on the ABC network, beginning Sept. 26, called A Million Little Things, and I have a million little things to say about it. I want it to have extremely low viewership and dismal ratings and be that show that no one remembers. I want it … Continue reading