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As Isaac Approaches, I remember Katrina…

On August 28, 2005, I was sitting on my friend K’s front porch with 3 of my closest, childhood friends. None of us had to go to work the next day, as the weather was already predicted to be awful. It was around 10:00 in the evening. We were enjoying the vacation: staying out later … Continue reading

Have Bags; Will Travel

Life sure takes you down some interesting roads, doesn’t it? I had no idea when I started this blog what it would become, and though I wonder if I am straying from its’ original intention, I decided today that it doesn’t matter. Just like life, I like the interesting twists and turns. So today, I’m … Continue reading

“All Gave Some, But Some Gave All”

When I ask my son, “What do you do when you see a soldier?” he does a little four-year-old salute and says, “Thank you for your service.” For him to do so is important to me on a personal level, because my grandfather, the blue-eyed gentleman he was named for, served his country for most … Continue reading