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Do You Regret It?

Do You Regret It?

Do you regret that decision you made? I hope you do. I have to believe you do. Because there is no way my mind can conceive that if you had thought, really thought, for just a split second that leaving equalled you missing today–today and all of the other todays–that you wouldn’t have made a … Continue reading

You Stole My Football

You made a bad call. Every ref in every sport everywhere in the world should be throwing a flag. The air should be full of nothing but whistles. Roughing the passer—barely a shove. Facemask—child’s play. Late hit—just a tap. Your call was the crappiest call of all crappy calls. And you should know. You could … Continue reading

Gridiron Golden Hot Air Balloon Dreams

    When Daddy left, he took with him so much more than just his physical self–that steadfast, quirky, impatient, soothing self–as if that wasn’t enough. He took away so much more. He took away my child’s favorite human being on the planet. The damage his leaving did to my own heart is irreparable, but … Continue reading