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The Door

I have never hated an inanimate object before. But I hate one now. I hate a door. It is a door to my courtroom. There are 4 of them, but I only hate one. One entrance to the court is a set of 2 doors in the front of my courtroom through which the general … Continue reading

What I Remember

You may want to read “Why It is uglyreal…” before you read this post, and then decide if you want to continue.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Window in the door to the left of my bench at the court. Susan’s face. Door opening. Kim Henderson beside Susan. The chair underneath me. My legs underneath the bench. My hands … Continue reading

This is me. Any “me’s” out there?

I am one of those people who attempts 9,000 things at once, never completely knowing if I’m doing any of them well. It is who I am. Being still is difficult for me. For that reason, I hate manicures. I find it nearly impossible to just sit and do nothing while someone has hijacked my … Continue reading