You SO deserve it (and the lady in your life does too!)

So, I’ve mentioned that I work for a fantastic jewelry company called Stella & Dot, right? I am working on a post about direct sales and why I chose this company, but until then, I wanted to let you in on some news.

Stella & Dot is offering another exciting promotion for the month of June: any hostess who has a show that qualifies (500 in sales with at least 4 orders) gets an EXTRA 50.00 to spend on FREE jewelry!!!! Wooohoooo! Let me know if you are interested in hosting a show next month!

If you don’t feel like you have time to get your house ready, send invites, ect, ect, ect….consider doing a catalog party. Do you work in an office with lots of women? Do you regularly get together with the girls? Let me send you a bunch of catalogs and tell you how to take orders! Easy greasy…doesn’t matter how close are far you live from me…and you still get hostess rewards (i.e. JEWELS FOR FREE!) If you DO work in an office and you DO live near me,  I’m happy to set the jewelry up one day in your break room or another place where your boss won’t mind, and just let the girls see it all. No hassle for you whatsoever.

Here’s a preview to show you a bit of what Stella & Dot has to offer:

And here are a few of my personal favorites that I wear ALL the time, and all of them are very affordable….

These are the Serenity Stone Drop Earrings, item # E168GR. I like wearing them with all black, but I think they would be so pretty with white this summer.

One of my favorite pieces that I wear almost everyday (comes in both silver and gold, and I have both and love both) is the Bardot bangle bracelet. It is the perfect go-to piece when you need just a little extra. Not too bold….just enough. Item # B101G or B101S

These earrings are some of my VERY favorites. They come in red and orange, too….Great picture, as our catalog does a fantastic job of accurately advertising their product (down to the fact that you can put an earring up to the picture in the catalog and it is exactly the same size), but even our beautiful photography doesn’t do this set of earrings justice.Item #E172TU or E172C

The Ever After necklace. So sweet. I love it. All of our delicate necklaces come with three different hooks so you can wear it short  and maybe layer it or longer. Comes in silver and gold. Item #N205S and #N205G

Finally, (for today), these fantastic stackable rings that come in whole sizes from 5-9. Item #DecoRings.

PLUS, S&D is having a big, fat 50% off sale on some of your favorite styles. Go to and find yourself a treat. After all, you deserve it!


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