Golden Hot Air Balloon Dream, Part 2: Mac remembers more…

A year later, Mac opened up even more about his visit from Daddy.

It simply amazes me that the details of his visit have become even more vivid a year after it occurred, but that is just one of the many reasons why I have zero doubt his dream was NOT just a dream.

It was an intentional, real visit from my daddy with Mac after he left. If it came from Daddy himself or from Jesus or God, I don’t know. But what I do know is, it is something to which we all hold tightly, and we know without a doubt that it was given to Mac for some eternally important reasons.

When you really experience something, you remember it because it happened. You tend to lose the details of something that someone just told you about, or that you dreamt about.

I know Mac’s acute awareness of the details of his visit with Daddy exist because this wasn’t just a dream: it was something he did with Daddy, and he remembers it just as well as he remembers the details of going with him to see the Braves play or having a conversation with him when he was here.

I know every tiny eensy bit of this was as real as I am sitting here.


I have done a little bit of research about the symbols in his dreams, and a couple of things I found were interesting.

I certainly would have preferred that Daddy had dealt with his depression in a way other than taking a hot air balloon ride to heaven, but it does give the visit even more context and meaning. I can appreciate that.


I am not going to spell out the content of his dream here, or why certain parts just absolutely make everything inside me quiver.

As always, it is so much better to hear it come straight from Mac’s mouth.

I had to decide if I wanted to share because I’m not crazy about broadcasting my emotion –sometimes overwrought, but with pretty good reason–or his daddy’s use of the word “damn.” But, this is us, and Mac was the one who was chosen to have the visit.

He should get to tell the story.


If you didn’t hear the original telling about his dream, you can find it here.


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