Glimmers of Hope

This is one of those posts that I started and never finished. I am publishing today because I finally nailed down Mac and Leelee so that they can tell their stories.

As always, it is better in their own words, so I’m going to leave it at that.


Leelee had a meltdown about Daddy. She does this when she is very tired, and I’m very tired of trying to get her to settle down and go to sleep.

But for some reason, that night was different.

Sometimes I get frustrated because I know she is totally playing me, and sometimes I get upset because watching her try to express how much she misses Daddy just pricks my heart and it starts to bleed…even if she is playing me and I know it. So that night, I assured her that she was going to see him again, but she kept telling me that it was taking him a long time to come back.

I hear this often. She says it often. She expects him to walk through the door any minute.

So, I did everything I could to give her an alternative.

I told her about Mac’s dreams about Daddy, and I told her she may have some, too.

As she lay in the bed and I leaned over her, together we prayed very specifically for her to have a dream about Daddy. We prayed that they would go do something fun and it would be a happy dream.

The next morning, Mac told me that he dreamed about Daddy…and Leelee did, too.

Here they are, describing their visits.

It is not often that we see our prayers answered so directly and so quickly. I have no idea why some are and some aren’t. I have no idea what to make of it, except that I cling to things like this.

Their dreams are my glimmers of hope.


To listen, click here:

new recording 4

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