I brought Leelee Stacey outside a bit ago to shoot some fireworks. As soon as the first one went up, she said, “I have to go get Mac!” And she ran inside to get one of the people she treasures most in this world so that he could see them, too.
She loved what she saw.
But she loved what she saw more when she had someone she loved to love it with her.
I loved what I saw in her face full of wonder as she watched the sky light up with fiery color after color, but I didn’t take a picture with a camera.
I just took one in my head.
It was so much better.
I could easily make this post ridiculously long using fireworks as a frame….because we have long been a firework family. My daddy started a little business for my brother, Leigh Weems, when he was 12. Scott J Stacey and I sold them, too.
But I’m not.
Instead, I’m going to remind myself, and all of you, that special moments are better experienced with the people you love the very most.
So are ordinary moments.
And the people who love you want you by their side….
….no matter if you are sad, or scared, or worried, or sick, or embarrassed, or addicted, or poor, or hurt, or lost, or mad, or tired, or afraid, or perfectly, perfectly content.
The people who love you just want you to stand by their side, and they want you to hold their hand, as they gaze up and see things that make their eyes bright and their mouths fall open because they are so beautiful and unexpected.
The people who love you just want you to stand by their side no matter if the sky is empty and dark.
The people who love you just want you to hold their hands and experience nothing special.
The people who love you just don’t want to do any of it without you.
Holding Leelee’s hand while watching Mac Stacey light fireworks for her gave me a memory that brought me joy.
What I wouldn’t give for my daddy to have held mine, too.
No matter your problem, no matter how big or small it seems, your people want you here. Your problems, your emotions, your troubles are not too big for them, but leaving them on purpose will always make them feel unloved, unwanted, and disposable, no matter why you decided to leave.
And once you leave, you can’t change that.
Whoever may read this, I write it because someone needs to remind you that there are fireworks left to be seen as you hold the hand of a person, little or big, who just needs to feel you, someone who just needs to watch with you by their side.
They don’t want it…they need it.
Because even if it is ordinary, it is better with you there, too.
All they want to hear you say is, “See you next year….” and they get to.
So please be there.
Be present.
Shoot the fireworks.
Hold the hand.
Take the picture with a camera or in your head.
Don’t leave. Just don’t leave.
A corner awaits, and tonight, that corner is a brand new year. There may be beautiful surprises there, but you won’t know unless you stick around.
And you should.
You really should.

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