Ok, so the title pays homage to Tennessee Williams’ play, A Streetcar Named Desire, and not the jewelry company that I work for. But, it’s catchy. Sue me. 😉

Why Stella & Dot, you might ask? Of all of the businesses I could join, why this one?

Initially, because my sister-in-law asked me to. Let me tell you a little about her story. K had a great job with a six-figure income in sales. Then the economy took a nose-dive and the oil spill in the gulf happened, which directly affected the economy of her home state, and she got laid off. As the mama of 4, she didn’t have a choice but to find something new, and it couldn’t be just any ole job. She had to find something fabulous. She discovered Stella & Dot, and she fell in love with the jewelry. That was the immediate appeal. Then she looked at what she could make if she really worked hard, and she knew a) that she would and b) that it would be fun at the same time. Because she has 4 children, her schedule is crazy. Lots of carpool lines and fixing lunches and carting #1 and #2 to every activity under the sun, while trying to keep #3 and #4 from tearing down the house, so flexibility was a must for her. She realized that she could do this on her own time, around her kids’ busy lives, and still make great money. But the key was, she had the desire to make this her full-time job. And she has done just that.

K is a natural saleswoman. She can talk to anyone, makes great business decisions, and she has impeccable taste. And, she knew she had a great-looking product. The jewelry is just flat fine. So she hit it hard. She picked up the phone, called everyone she knew, and started making her pitch. And she had lots of bites. Before she knew it, she had a whole team of people under her, and she wasn’t just making money from her own sales…she was making them off of lots and lots of other people’s.

This is where I came in. One night she called me and told me about what she was doing. I had heard of Stella & Dot, but wasn’t familiar with the intricacies of the company. She told me all about how it got started and all of the information that drew her in. I had never, ever in a million years seen myself as a sales-person. I hated selling Girl Scout cookies. No way in the world I would be capable of asking someone to buy something from me. But the kicker is, I loved the jewelry, and I knew if I went to a trunk show at someone’s house, I would buy something, not out of the obligatory, “I got asked to come to this stupid trunk show and I’ve got to buy at least one pair of earrings (preferably, the cheapest ones I see).” I would buy it because I would want it. So, I figured, I’m not a salesperson, but I don’t mind selling a product that, if other people will see it and want it, I can help them get it. And, obviously, I can make a little bit of extra money on the side.

See, I was close to the end of my law school career when I signed up. I wasn’t thinking, the way K was, that I had to do this to feed my starving children. I just thought it would be fun, I could make a little bit of extra cash, and I could have girl’s nights whenever I wanted under the guise of, “But Honey, I’m working!” So I paid $199.00 and bought into the company.

I have not even come close to what K is doing and not making even a tenth of the money she is making, but I’m LOVING it. The bottom line is, you can get out of it what you put into it. Even with my new careers, I still do it on the side and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. In fact, I hope I get to do more. I am not going to give you every tiny detail of why I think Stella & Dot would be the perfect company for you if you are thinking along these lines…there are lots of great direct sales companies out there, and they all have unique stories and products.

I CAN tell you that I think Stella & Dot does some fantastic work for charity. Through the sale of the Stella & Dot Foundation bracelets and through the generosity of your direct donations, we will support ACCION USA, buildOn and Girls Incorporated, which in turn support our own Foundation’s mission to create positive change for women.

We have also created two, very special bracelets that benefit Breast Cancer Awareness and Autism Speaks. The sales of both bracelets have enabled Stella & Dot to donate thousands of dollars to two very worthy organizations.

If you really are interested in S & D, the website has tons of information that will quench your thirst for that particular knowledge.

I’m just here to tell you that I sell this incredibly good looking jewelry, and I think you should know about it. If you are interested in buying it or selling it, I can help. But also, if you are one of those people who has thought about direct sales or trying to make a little bit of money on the side or want a completely new career path that can help you make what you used to make but don’t make any more, it is out there, and you can make it happen. It takes a willingness to try, a very small amount of start up money, and faith in your product.

Additionally, there are fantastic promotions going on in the month of June for anyone who hosts a party. AND, as some of you may live far, far away from me, you can do a catalog party anywhere! If you are interested in getting jewelry for FREE, shoot me an email or comment here. I can mail you catalogs, orders can be placed on the website, and you can earn free jewelry with the smallest amount of work possible! Gotta love it!

Visit the website by clicking on the picture below:

…and you will be yelling, “Stelllllaaaaaaaaaaa!” too!

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