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Popcorn and Starfish: An Update on James

I’ve questioned myself no less than a thousand times: “Why this family?” I’ve had conversations with friends who have reminded me that, even if I can’t do one thing to help James and his mama, Melanie, this may be God’s way of opening my eyes to people in my very own community who are in need … Continue reading

S.H.A.R.E. Yourself

Do you have a dream, a vision, a great idea, but you just don’t have the money… …don’t have the time…aren’t strong enough….aren’t smart enough…don’t know where to start? What if you were paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair? Think those questions would enter your head? Tee Foy had a dream, a vision, a great … Continue reading

Meet Wendy.

I’ve known Wendy since we were kids. We grew up together in the same small town, attended the same school, and were cheerleaders together. For as long as I’ve known her, she has been into beauty. And it makes sense: she is beautiful. When she was a little girl, she wanted to be Miss America. … Continue reading

Stuck? Time to Get UnStuck, Y’all!

When you are young, single, and childless, the world is your oyster. There are so many possibilities for your life. You can move to London. You can study to be a scientist. You can join the armed forces. You can work on a cruise ship. You can wait tables and live up the night life. … Continue reading