The Need is Daycare: Update on Melanie Ford, James Ford, and family….

Many of you have asked about Melanie and how they are doing in their new home in Pinellas Park, Florida, and I just haven’t had answers.

And for those of you who don’t, here is the original link to the People magazine that tugged at my heart and got this whole thing started:,,20602530,00.html

As you will be able to tell from the email from her that I am posting, she does not have internet access at home and I don’t know how substantial her cell phone plan is. With this said, I wanted to share Melanie’s words with y’all who have become invested in her life. (This email is unedited except for her telephone number).

Melanie wrote to me:

Hi my friend I am so sorry I havent had any internet and today I decided to come to the library and get a library card also today is my 40th birthday yay!!!!! we are settling in somewhat its still a struggle with daycare so havent started work which is causing some issues with maintaining the house and getting the kids ready for school but we are blessed and safe and God is awesome he would never bring us out of a filthy hotel and bring me and my boys together again for us to fail so we are happy and going forward hopefully within the next month or so I can get to working having to go through the early coordinated care and the waiting lists is 6 months or more but we have Gods favor so it will be alot sooner daycare just for Caleb is 140.00 a week and with the pay I will be making 9.00 hour there is no way but God always has a way call me xxx-xxx-xxxx and we can talk again loved our conversation will never forget that….blessings …Melanie Ford

So now I appeal to my readership: how can we help her achieve this goal? I plan to call Melanie this week to get specifics, but first, a couple of ideas:

Those who can afford it: If we can find out the name of the daycare she has chosen, checks could be sent directly to the daycare on her behalf.

If you know of a daycare provider in the Pinellas Park area, can you reach out?

If you know of employment in the Pinellas Park area that PROVIDES day care, can you reach out?

Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

I still have in my heart the desire to help Melanie furnish her home. Rooms To Go has a contest going on until August 31st for a $5,000.00 gift card. As I have said before, this is the exact number I believe God laid on my heart to raise on her behalf for furniture. I (personally) still want her to have If you are so inclined, would you take the time to simply go to the link below and fill out the form in YOUR name, but nominate Melanie in the description.

I know of many who have done it, but before the contest ends, it is my hope that Rooms To Go will be flooded with her name. I have prayed specifically for the person who will decide who is the most deserving, that they will recognize Melanie’s story and award the gift certificate to her. To many, this may seem like a luxury and not a necessity, and it is…..but who in her position doesn’t deserve a luxury? Who in her position would not feel as if she had won the lottery? Who in her position would not be more grateful than you or I who could probably get a new couch if we saved long enough but don’t have to decide between work and taking care of our children? After all, we are sitting at a computer in our own home. We HAVE luxuries. I would LOVE to see this woman have something she can be proud of.

If you do decide to vote for Melanie, feel free to use the following links in your explanation:

And, this one, to show Rooms To Go that her winning would be an answered prayer:

Thank you, in advance, to those who have been and will be willing to help this family. And please, look up, the Louisville, KY charity that gave the spotlight to James and his family in the first place. They are worthy of your donations and prayers.

And thanks for taking up the journey with me. You are all Jesus’ hands and feet.

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